How to Buy-Sell Bond OTC
 What is the secondary market?

A place where an investor can freely buy and/or sell their bonds without the intervention of the original issuer. The offer and purchase depends on the satisfaction of the seller and the buyer. It is mostly processed by the intermediaries such as security companies or banks.

The benefits of investing in the secondary market
  1. Investors can buy a secure bond which they do not have a chance to do it in the primary market.
  2. Investors can invest in the assets which make more profits by the money they have invested in a secure bond.
  3. Investors have more choices to invest in different secure bonds following their risks and satisfaction.
  4. It can boost financial liquidity in a portfolio.
  5. No additional fee
  6. Offer and purchase can be done every day in office hours

If you are interested to invest in the secondary market through KPM, how are you supposed to do?

Contact 02 033 1000 ext. 1013 for further information.

The documents for creating an account
  1. A copy of a national identification card
  2. A copy of a house registration (in case of life national id card)
  3. A copy of the first page of an account book bank. 
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